Through the generosity of AMM Member David Menser, the Association has acquired 37 beautiful acres in the heart of western Kentucky in Hopkins County. The tract is bordered on all sides by acres of handsome woods. Isolated from modern encroachments, no distracting modern structures can be seen from the property. We have woods with openings for camping and a meadow for horse camp plus woods and fields for shooting areas.

An original Kentucky log house was donated to the KY/TN Brigade of the American Mountain Men. Through the volunteer efforts of AMM members, the cabin has since been disassembled, moved to the new property and is in the process of being reconstructed. After the log walls and roof purlins went up last fall, a temporary metal roof was installed to prevent deterioration over the winter. We are now ready to replace the metal roof with a period correct wood shake roof, and once the porch, roof and chimney are finished, the building will serve as a trading post/tavern for the historic period depicting the westward movement to the Rocky Mountains during the fur trade. Monies generated from our fund raising projects will go toward finishing the cabin construction and further developing our property.

The fireplace in the original log house was fabricated of cut sandstone which is common to the locale. A rare and unique feature of the fireplace lintel stone is that it is carved with a verse, religious symbols and folk art designs - and dated 1787! The fireplace and chimney was carefully disassembled and has been rebuilt retaining the lintel stone along with its extraordinary carved art. The verse that is hand carved into the face of the stone reads:

Their names are graven on the stone,
Their bones are in the clay.
And ere another day is gone
Ourselves shall be as they.

Our research indicates that this verse first shows up in in religious song books as early as the first quarter of the 19th century.

The Land

The Cabin

The Old Cabin

The Cabin

The Fireplace


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