To the Brothers of the Appalachian Brigade,

It is a glorious day for our brigade. We have a formal method of correspondence that will preserve our heritage for the future. This newsletter is your newsletter; yours in the sense that your wisdom and sketches of life will be required to continue this over many editions.

I would ask that you send me your materials in certain formats. If you are computer literate, you can do a Word document and pictures can be jpeg. I will also take any written piece and input it as well as photos which I can scan. So, all of us can put in something, I will make it work.

The newsletters will remain here for the future so you can go back and review and print them. They will be password protected, so any AMM man can ask for the password. Contact me at kentuckcharliec@gmail.com or call 606-436-4304 for information.

In conclusion I want to thank Jason Gatliff of MUZZLELOADER Magazine for his gracious assistance in this grand adventure.

In Brotherhood,
Charlie 'Two Fires' Chalk

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